Kundalini Conference 2013:  Sponsors


HAT (Healing Arts Team), Director – Jagat Joti Kaur

I am incredibly grateful to Jagat Joti Kaur for the mentoring and support she provided for this conference

Margaret Dempsey Photo

Margaret Dempsey

Conference Host & Organiser:

My name is Margaret Dempsey and I am the author of Journey To Self. At Christmas 2011, I received a strong inner instruction to put on this conference to raise awareness of the power we all have within.   Energy (Kundalini) rose from the base of my spine in 1998 and in 1999 and afterwards life flowed and had grace and harmony.   It has taken time for the shifts that this awakened energy produced to integrate to the point where I am grounded, clear and focussed.   The intention of this conference is that everyone gets to experience their greatness.  The source of which is the spiritual power that lies within.


Matt DempseyMr Matt Dempsey

Matt Dempsey:  my dad on whose birthday anniversary this conference is happening.  He helped and inspired many people when he was alive.  In being a sponsor for this conference that legacy continues through me.  After death, like in life he is unconditionally supporting me.